Welcome to Module 1 of The Scholars Programme online training.

How to make the most of this online training

There are prompts throughout the video sessions to pause and complete tasks that will help you towards writing your course design template. We have suggested timings, but feel free to take whatever amount of time you think is appropriate for you to complete them.

After completing this module, you complete and submit your course design template, so you we strongly recommend that you keep all your notes from this training module.

Please refer to your training email from the Teaching and Learning team for the deadline for completing this part of the training. Remember to complete the relevant quizzes, so we know you have finished the training and can send you details of the next stage. If you have any questions or problems, please contact

What is covered in this module?

Module 1 focuses on planning your course. By the end of the module, you will have:

  • Learned about The Brilliant Club’s mission and the structure of The Scholars Programme
  • Been introduced to the three Ps of our core pedagogy – Planning, Progress and Participation
  • Begun planning your Course Design Template

What materials are available?

On the following pages you will find a series of training videos, explanatory text and activities to complete.

You can also access the Course Design Guidance document for your subject stream on the training welcome page, which provide additional examples and material for you to refer to. Keep your eye out in the video for indications of where you can find more information in these documents.

What happens at the end of this module?

At the end of Module 1 there will be an exit quiz and feedback survey for you to complete. Please make sure you do this, so we can send a unique link to complete and submit your course design template. This will outline your initial ideas for your Scholars Programme course, and a member of The Scholars Programme team will send you detailed feedback.