The Scholars Programme - Information for Schools

We work with state schools throughout England, Scotland and Wales, with pupils aged 10 to 18. Please take a look at our Information for Schools brochures below for more information about The Scholars Programme for your school, and if you would like to find out more, please email your regional contact.

Our impact

For the last two years, The Brilliant Club has worked with the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) to evaluate the impact The Scholars Programme on progression to highly-selective universities.

In both years, UCAS found that pupils who completed The Scholars Programme were significantly more likely to apply to, receive an offer from and progress to a highly-selective university than pupils in control groups matched for prior attainment and socio-economic factors.

Have a look at the analysis which found that pupils who completed The Scholars Programme were significantly more likely to progress to a highly-selective university, having made the conditions of their offer including their A-Level grades.

We create impact reports for every school we work with each term. As well as details of the programme, and pupil attendance and attainment in comparison with our regional and national averages, we include details of pupil self-evaluation surveys.

We ask all pupils to fill out self-evaluation forms at the beginning and end of each Scholars Programme. The percentages shown below indicate the number of Year 12 pupils who ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with some sample statements, and demonstrate how this changed from the start of the programme to the end.

“I have high-level knowledge that goes beyond the A-Level curriculum”
“I understand in detail how universities work and the key differences between them”
“I can complete my work to a higher standard”