The Scholars Programme provides pupils with an experience of university-style learning through seven tutorials and two trips to highly-selective universities. They are supported by a PhD tutor, teaching a supra-curricular topic based on their current research.

What does The Scholars Programme offer?

  • Challenging supra-curricular courses taught by a world class researcher
  • Experience of university-style learning in small group tutorials
  • Two visits to highly-selective universities


Why get involved?

  • Develop key university readiness skills, including critical thinking and meta-cognition.
  • Scholars Programme graduates are almost twice as likely to progress to highly-selective universities (UCAS evaluation, 2019)
  • Robust impact reports showcasing progress towards national education targets
  • Cited as an effective use of Pupil Premium by Ofsted

The Pupil Journey

Programme planning: A lead teacher at the school will be supported by a Scholars Programme Officer to plan the programme. Teachers will have access to Scholars HQ, our teacher dashboard, where they can securely register pupils, access resources and monitor programme impact.

Launch trip: A visit to a highly-selective university to experience a day on campus, have their first tutorial with their PhD tutor and take part in information, advice and guidance sessions tailored to the age group.

In-school tutorials: Your PhD tutor visits the school on a weekly basis to deliver tutorials 2-7. Each pupil receives a course handbook to support them through the programme. Pupils also have access to a virtual learning environment to get support from their tutor and submit homework and assignments.

Final assignment and feedback: All pupils complete a final assignment pitched one key stage above their current level. Tutors provide one-to-one feedback in tutorials 6 and 7. Assignments are marked and awarded university gradings. 

Graduation trip: A visit to another highly-selective university to learn more about university life and celebrate pupils’ achievements on the programme. Some venues are also able to accommodate parents and carers.

School impact report: We provide a detailed, bespoke impact report at the end of the programme outlining pupils’ progress against our university readiness competencies. The report also showcases pupil premium impact and progress against the Gatsby benchmarks.


How are pupils supported?

The Scholars Programme team recruits and trains the PhD researchers to prepare courses around their own area of research. Our tutors are recruited from a range of disciplines covering STEM, Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences. The training also supports tutors to develop their understanding of pedagogy and teaching practice to deliver high quality tutorials to small groups of pupils. Tutors also undergo Safeguarding and professional standards training.

Pupils each receive a course handbook to support them through the programme. This will include all the material they need for their assignments and tutorials. Pupils will also have access to a virtual learning environment throughout the programme to submit work and get support from their tutor.