These electives will help you develop your pedagogy and delivery for tutorials and can also be useful strategies in undergraduate teaching

Delivering tutorials online

This elective will be most useful to Scholars Programme tutors who are preparing to deliver their course online.  The end of this elective also includes more general tips on delivering engaging sessions virtually which would be useful for all Brilliant Club Tutors.


Teaching Sensitive Topics

This elective review strategies to support pupils to engage with potentially sensitive topics, including what might constitute a sensitive topic, how to manage discussions and principles for approaching sensitive topics. If your Scholars Programme course includes potentially sensitive topics we strongly encourage you to view this elective.

Developing university-style teaching through The Scholars Programme

This elective is most useful for Scholars Programme tutors and reviews how to integrate your research into Scholars Programme tutorials.

Designing interactive and engaging tutorials

This elective does what it says on the tin! This session would be useful for all Brilliant Club tutors and review strategies for creating interactive and engaging learning environments for pupils.

School learning v. The Scholars Programme University Style Learning 

This elective reviews how pupils’ experiences on The Scholars Programme may differ from their “standard” lessons in school and discusses strategies to help pupils build a range of academic skills to support their participation in university-style tutorials.

Behaviour for Learning

This elective explores how your tutorial planning can support disengaged pupils to engage effectively in tutorials and is suitable for all tutors.

Advanced Pedagogy Session – Cognitive Challenge for More Able Learners

This elective, created in partnership with the National Association for Able Children in Education, explores pedagogies to integrate cognitive challenge into the delivery of learning. Most suitable for tutors who have designed and delivered their own Scholars Programme course before, this elective moves away defining challenging more able pupils as providing more difficult work and instead explores strategies to support pupils to take ownership of their learning and equip them with the tools to approach and succeed when faced with learning challenges. Tutors who have delivered any of our pre-designed programmes, either on The Scholars Programme or The Brilliant Tutoring Programme, may also find this elective useful as they plan to deliver their sessions.

SEN Success: Strategies for Supporting SEN Students

This session will be useful for all Brilliant Club tutors who would like to develop their knowledge and skills around ensuring their teaching is accessible for SEN pupils. It begins by exploring the term SEN and what this means for UK schools. The elective will explore some of the potential challenges involved in teaching Special Educational Needs (SEN) students, as well as the opportunities presented by working with them.  We will explore strategies for maximising their participation and progress, as well as the wider benefits that preparing for SEN can have on our overall teaching practice and for all pupils. As you will see in the elective, the strategies covered in this elective will help you develop your teaching further to support all pupils to succeed in their learning.