Information, Advice
and Guidance

As part of The Scholars Programme, you receive access to resources, events and guidance to further help you in deciding if university is right for you and support you on your journey.

University Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

This part of the programme includes information and advice on:

  • Applying to university
  • Choosing a university and degree programme
  • Preparing for university life and study
  • Making the most of university and what to expect once you get there

The IAG provided for KS5 students (Year 12/Lower Sixth/FE College) on The Scholars Programme is a bespoke package designed to help you in your next steps toward university.  We know that every KS5 student will have different questions, interests and things that are important to them when exploring their choices and making their decisions. Therefore, we have compiled a range of IAG resources for you to use and engage with as you see fit, to help you tailor the IAG you receive as part of the programme to your own priorities and needs.

This IAG consists of the following parts:

The Launch Event

At the Launch Event, you will set your academic, skill-related and personal development goals for your time on the programme, which we will revisit as part of the Celebration Event at the end (see below).  There will also be a Q&A with undergraduate students and TSP alumni, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about university from those who are currently there.

Snapshot Sessions

The Snapshot Sessions are a library of pre-recorded information videos each between 10 and 20 minutes in length.  These sessions have been created by Brilliant Club staff and our university partners. Each session focuses on a different topic – from studying abroad to student finance – and they are designed to be viewed (and re-viewed!) throughout your time on the programme and beyond.

We suggest you take a look at the Snapshot Sessions which are on topics that are of interest and importance to you, as well as to explore university opportunities you may not have considered before.

In total, there are 14 sessions split into two categories. The sessions in bold are those that make up the core sessions that you should ensure you take time to watch but we strongly recommend that you watch and engage with any of the sessions that interest you  before your Celebration Event with one of our partner universities (see below), as they will help you identify and form any further questions you may have for university staff and students at that event.

There is space for you in your Course Handbook to make notes during the Snapshot Sessions. Follow the links below to watch the videos.

If you would like to access a digital version of the note sheets associated with the core IAG sessions please select from the note sheets below:

Subject Cafés

The Subject Cafés are live, hour-long online roundtables which will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions of university staff and undergraduates.  These sessions are subject-specific, and will be organised according to the following subject streams:

  • Arts and Humanities30 June or 1 July; Time and Date to be confirmed
  • Social Sciences (including Law and Psychology)30 June or 1 July; Time and Date to be confirmed
  • STEM (including Mathematics, Data Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences)30 June or 1 July; Time and Date to be confirmed
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Subjects30 June or 1 July; Time and Date to be confirmed

These events are designed to enable you to ask specific questions about:

  • What it is actually like to study certain subjects
  • How to choose the degree programme that is right for you
  • What you can do now to prepare for studying your chosen at university level and to make a strong application.

Further details about signing up to these events will provided in due course.  You can sign up for and attend as many of the Subject Cafés as you would like, and you are not restricted to attending the Subject café which matches your Scholars Programme course.

There is space for you in your Course Handbook to make notes during the Subject Cafés. 

The Celebration Event

This event will take place at the end the programme, and you will be eligible to attend if you submit your Final Assignment and complete your course.  The event will focus on:

  • Celebrating your achievements on the programme
  • Reflecting on your development on the programme, including the academic skills, subject insight and university knowledge you have gained
  • Supporting you in your next steps following the programme including how to use your Scholars Programme experience when writing your UCAS personal statement

This event will take place online between 1st and 11th February (date tbc), and in collaboration with one of our university partners.  Details will be sent to your Lead Teacher in due course.

Further Resources

We have also compiled a list of further resources and useful websites which may be useful to you in seeking out further university information and exploring your next steps (see below).