This module of the Brilliant Club PhD tutor training has been designed to support you when preparing to deliver a pre-designed course.

Welcome to the Scholars Programme! We hope you are looking forward to teaching a pre-designed course.  Before you begin your Scholars Programme tutor training, our Teaching and Learning team would like to say a few words of welcome and share more about the programme and the pupils we work with.

Session 1: Welcome to The Scholars Programme

In this session, you will find out more about the structure of The Scholars Programme, who our scholars are and what’s so important about the programme.

Session 2: Delivering a Pre-Designed Course

This session will support you in identifying the main outcomes of your course and explore how you can use backwards planning to plan your tutorials. The session also covers how you might adapt your delivery depending on the needs of your pupils and activities to engage younger pupils in tutorials.  We recommend that you have a copy of the handbook for the programme that you will be delivering with you when you complete this session.

Exit Quiz

To complete your pre-designed course tutor training, please fill in the exit quiz and feedback survey below.