The Scholars
Programme for

Are you a PhD researcher or doctoral graduate who wants to help a young person realise their academic potential?

Programme Overview

The Brilliant Club’s Researcher Development Programme offers PhD and Early Career Researchers a meaningful, professionally developmental, paid tutoring opportunity. Training with The Brilliant Club and working as a Scholars Programme tutor enables researchers to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience, gain valuable teaching and public engagement experience and deepen their knowledge of the UK education system.  


Tutors working with us will:

  • Support local pupils from less advantaged backgrounds to access university
  • Join a nationwide community of over 1,000 like-minded researchers making a huge impact on university access
  • Get expert training and real experience to develop their teaching and other transferable skills
  • Earn £500 per placement, plus an additional £100 for designing a new course, and travel expenses
  • Disseminate their research to small groups of school pupils

    Tutors will be supported to complete a series of training modules before beginning work with us, and further continuous professional development for each subsequent placement. 

    Once you are trained and registered as a Scholars Programme tutor, we will ask for your availability on a termly basis. For each term that you are available and interested, The Scholars Programme Team will aim to place you to work in one of our schools. You will then run a placement with 14 pupils, delivering 2 weekly hour-long tutorials to 7 pupils at a time.  

    A placement journey